Robert Adler, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist: Off-shore Detention

One psychiatrist’s experience of visiting offshore processing centres for people seeking asylum in Australia

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Robert Adler Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Private practice, Melbourne, South Yarra, VIC, Australia

Objective: To describe the author’s experience of visiting Christmas Island and Nauru offshore detention centres as a visiting child and adolescent psychiatrist in the context of his own experience as a refugee from Europe after WWII.

Method: Following a visit to Nauru the author wrote to the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition expressing his objections to the policies of recent Coalition and Labor Governments.

Results: His actions have led to the author not being invited to return to these centres as a visiting psychiatrist. Conclusions: The author acknowledges the importance of stopping the boats and proposes that a more humane approach is needed for asylum seekers who arrive by boat.

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Australia confirms air strikes in Syria, announces additional 12,000 refugee places

Australia confirms air strikes in Syria, announces additional 12,000 refugee places

ABC News – 9 September 2015

Asylum seekers in Munich

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has confirmed Australia will extend its campaign of air strikes into Syria, at the same time as announcing plans to “move quickly” to accept an extra 12,000 refugees affected by the conflict in both countries.

The extra permanent resettlement places will almost double this year’s refugee intake, and the boost is expected to cost the federal budget $700 million over the next four years.

Key Points

  • Australia to accept 12,000 refugees
  • Will give $44 million in financial aid
  • RAAF to get go ahead for air strikes in Syria

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Stepping up to the plate

Stepping up to the plate

Inside Story – 7 September 2015

“Prime minister Tony Abbott is in favour of increasing the number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees allowed to resettle permanently in Australia. But when he announced on Sunday that Australia would “step up to the plate,” he didn’t have in mind an increase of the overall number of visas for refugees, who currently make up just 3 per cent of migrants accepted into Australia each year. More Syrian refugees would simply mean fewer refugees from other countries, including those in our region.”

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The Liberal Nonconformist from Sydney’s West

The Liberal Nonconformist from Sydney’s West

The Inside Story – 8 September 2015

” … last Friday, while Abbott was trumpeting his government’s “stop the boats” policy as Europe’s refugee crisis unfolded, Laundy publicly pleaded for Australia to take more refugees from Syria. “There but for the grace of God go any of us,” he said. His stand flew in the face of a powerful portion of the Liberal Party’s conservative base that opposes bringing in more refugees, but his electoral office was swamped with emails from the public, about 90 per cent of which supported him.”

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ChilOut Calls for Closure of Nauru Detention Centre

ChilOut Calls for Closure of Nauru Detention Centre in the Wake of Disturbing Findings of Senate Nauru Inquiry

The Senate Inquiry’s report into allegations of abuse at the detention centre in Nauru, released yesterday, reveals shocking information about the extent of abuses against children in detention in Nauru. It also makes stark the lack of accountability and action taken in response to abuse allegations, which has exacerbated the trauma faced by children who have survived abuse and has led to a culture of impunity, exposing all children in detention in Nauru to a high risk of abuse.

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