Ongoing Release Of Refugees – Questions For ASIO

Ongoing Release Of Refugees Poses Awkward Questions For ASIO

by Max Chalmers in New Matilda – 

Villawood Detention Centre, New Matilda

One by one, refugees initially assessed by ASIO as a security risk are being released.

Advocates and lawyers are now demanding a simple question be answered – why were they held so long?

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Kids don’t belong in detention: trauma changes growing brains

A bill that would release the 112 children in immigration detention in Australia will soon go before the House of Representatives. The bill passed the Senate last week, but it could be rejected by a government-majority House.

While it’s widely accepted that detention is bad for child asylum seekers, the long-term effects of that harm are rarely spelled out. Our recently published research sheds some light on this.

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Have refugees in Australia become terrorists?

Fact Check Q&A:

Have any refugees who came to Australia gone on to be terrorists?

Article by 

Co-Director of the Australian Intervention Support Hub (AISH), Australian National University

in The Conversation – November 30, 2015

“I know that since 1976, there have been 70,000 asylum seekers settled in Australia who arrived by boat. Not one of them has been found to have a link to terrorism.” – Tasneem Chopra, cross cultural consultant, speaking on Q&A, November 23, 2015.

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RCOA Report: Delays in Citizenship Applications for Permanent Refugee Visa Holders

Delays in Citizenship Applications for Permanent Refugee Visa Holders

Refugee Council of Australia Report – October 2015

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RCOA has also heard of circumstances where the Minister of Immigration and Border Protection has failed in his obligation to grant stateless children born in Australia citizenship, as required to under 21(8) of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007. While the Act requires the Minister to confer citizenship, the current Minister and his predecessor have failed to respond to the applications and this also breaches the Minister’s responsibilities regarding making a decision under the Act.

RCOA believes these delays are unreasonable, discriminatory and unfair, and calls on the Minister for Immigration to resolve this issue for the hundreds of people affected by these delays.

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RAR Patron – Julian Burnside AO QC

Julian Burnside, AO QC, the acclaimed “Australian National Living Treasurer” winner of the Sydney Peace Prize, and highly regarded long-term advocate for asylum seekers and refugees has agreed to become our honourary Patron … Thank you Julian, and welcome aboard … officially.

Message from Julian Burnside:     Julian

Rural Australians for Refugees have been calling for a fair go for refugees ever since the infamous Tampa event, when the Pacific Solution was created  and 438 asylum seekers rescued by the Norwegian cargo ship Tampa were forcibly diverted to Nauru.
Since then, these local groups have persisted in their work; visiting refugees, raising money for their food, clothing and shelter and holding public meetings that draw attention to more compassionate policy options.
To my observation, RAR has been the most impressive and dedicated group supporting refugees.  What they have done is little short of inspirational.
RAR has my greatest admiration and my full support.

Senate: No child in detention in Australia


As well as the new law to remove children from detention (with their parents), the Senate legislated to have the centres opened up to media scrutiny, to enforce the mandatory reporting of abuse and to reverse the punitive Border Force whistle-blower crackdown which covered doctors and nurses in detention.

Now, the legislation will return to the House of Representatives and it will be up to Malcolm Turnbull whether he reverses the will of the Senate and the people so that he can keep children locked up in detention.

Information provided by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

Senate passes bill to remove children from onshore immigration detention centres – By political reporter Stephanie Anderson

A bill to remove all children from onshore immigration detention centres has passed the Senate with the support of the Greens, Labor and crossbenchers.

Amendments put forward by Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young also call for greater media access to detention centres, with refusals to be tabled by the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

The amendments passed the upper house with the support of Labor, as well as crossbenchers Ricky Muir, David Leyonhjelm, Nick Xenophon, Dio Wang and John Madigan.

The amended Migration and Maritime Powers Amendment Bill (No.1) will now return to the House of Representatives, where it is likely to be sunk by the government majority.

ABC News – 23 Nov 2015

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said: “PM Turnbull either has to vote now to re-detain children, to lock journalists out of detention centre and to gag staff, or he sees the sense… I can’t imagine Malcolm Turnbull feeling very comfortable about voting in the house to re-detain kids.”

National Settlement Standards

National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards

Settlement Council of Australia – June 2015

Introduction and rationale

The proposed National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards are the culmination of the Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) extensive work around fostering dialogue on national standards within the settlement sector for a number of years. This dialogue has included a national consultation process to inform the development of a discussion paper that was tabled at SCOA’s National Conference in 2012. A further series of national consultations were undertaken in 2014 to explore the principles, content and prospective structure of proposed national settlement service outcomes standards.

In addition to the extensive consultation process, the National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards have been informed by best practice approaches being delivered in the work of settlement services across Australia and an international literature review. The National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards have been developed in partnership with Government and represent an approach designed to work across all programs, agencies and levels of Government. They are also a useful tool for discussion with mainstream and other services about the outcomes that settlement support aims to achieve.

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Visa Information Fact Sheets

Visa Information Fact Sheets

November 2015

Recently, the Australian government introduced new laws for processing the claims of certain asylum seekers in Australia.

The Fact Sheets below outline further details regarding these changes:

  • Recent Changes for People Seeking Refugee Protection
  • Temporary Protection Visas (TPV)
  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV)
  • Fast Track Assessment Process
  • RILC Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) Clinics
  • Migration Amendment (Protection and Other Measures) Act summary
  • Summary of December 2014 changes
  • Find Out More on RILC TPV Clinics and Fact Sheets in other languages including: Arabic, Bengali, Dari, Farsi, Hazaragi, Pashto, Sudanese Arabic, Tamil, Vietnamese