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Universal Children’a Day 2018 _ #KidsOffNauru campaign

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  • 5.15pm  –  2nd Tuesday of each month
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  • Facebook: RAR Bendigo
  • 2017 Bendigo RAR A5 Flyer

Bendigo RAR Letter Writing –
Have you written a letter Recently?

  1. Newspapers (especially the Murdoch press and regional newspapers)
  2. MPs (address list here)
  3. Senators (address list here)

Help with Events

We are always looking for people who can help organise events. When an event is scheduled we often ask for help with selling tickets, serving tea and coffee, manning a stall, selling raffle tickets, etc. If you would like to help with events please email

For information email:

RAR at Bendigo’s Gala Parade 2018

  1. The Need to Reframe the Issue
  2. Framing Public Issues
  3. Changing the conversation can lead to a better way on asylum seekersThe Conversation,  17 May  2016
  4. The ASRC’s Kon Karapanagiotidas’ address – 2016 Human Rights lecture at James Cook University, “How to champion human rights from a values based model of action and engagement“.  (YouTube video of Kon’s Address)

Bendigo RAR Newsletters:

For Information about SHEV Program in Bendigo click here

Bendigo RAR is one of 6 RAR groups in Central Victoria

Bendigo RAR

Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees – Melbourne 2016

Proudly carrying the banner for RAR Bendigo, we are there representing our over 200 Bendigo supporters. Just imagine the numbers if behind every banner there were all the people represented by the banners. Yes the tide of community opinion is on the turn! Keep up the good work everyone!

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