Successful Community Sponsorship Program

Community sponsorship program taking on the care of refugees deemed a success, groups push for expansion

By David Sparkes – ABC News – 9 May 2018

Armenian refugee Mano Derboghossian looks like any other affectionate father as seven-month-old Hasmig bounces on his knee.

As the sun streams in through the window of their Chatswood unit, the bubbly Sydney-born baby has no concept of the challenges her parents have been through to reach this moment.

Mano and Hasmig’s mother, Nairi Kazanjian, fled the Syrian conflict and arrived in Sydney one-and-a-half years ago.

Adjusting to their new life could have been daunting, without the help of their community sponsors, the Northern Beaches Refugee Initiative (NBRI).

“We weren’t that scared [about coming to Australia] because we had family here already, who had settled a while ago,” Nairi said.

“And we had a lot of help, for example from [our sponsors] NBRI.

“If we needed anything we would let NBRI know and they would always find a way to help us.”

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