Close Nauru

Close Nauru

 There is no more simple way to say this: the detention centre on Nauru must be closed and the people held there brought to Australia.

Every day the centre continues to operate, Australia gives away a little more of its decency

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Nauru inquiry: Australia’s Abu Ghraib moment?

John Nichols

Whistleblower and former Wilson Security employee, John Nichols at Nauru Inquiry

The Nauru inquiry may well be Australia’s Abu Ghraib moment

Allegations of torture in the Nauru detention centre have been met with familiar denials. As Abu Ghraib showed, the public will get the truth eventually

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Economic Cost of Australia’s Asylum Policies


The Economic Cost of Australia’s Asylum Policies

By Asher Hirsch

Australia’s asylum policies are not just inhumane, cruel and a violation of international law, they are also ridiculously expensive.

An analysis of last year’s budget found that in the 2014-15 financial year, the Australian Government spent $2.91 billion on detention and compliance-related programs for asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat. This includes $912 million spent on detaining people in unsanitary, cramped and deadly offshore detention centres.

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150 asylum seekers challenge offshore processing

High Court
More than 150 asylum seekers challenge offshore processing policy in High Court

More than 150 asylum seekers are challenging the Federal Government in the High Court over its offshore processing policy.

Their lawyers will argue Australia does not have the legal power to fund or facilitate detention centres on foreign soil.

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