3 Key Questions on Refugee Responsibility-Sharing

We Must Answer 3 Key Questions on Refugee Responsibility-Sharing

by Tristan Harley (Kaldor Centre) – Refugees Deeply – 25 April 2018

The Global Compact on Refugees is an opportunity to build a fairer global refugee system through more effective and equitable sharing of responsibility for refugees. The Kaldor Center’s Tristan Harley examines various unresolved issues.

AS MOMENTUM BUILDS for the proposed 2018 Global Compact on Refugees, there has been a flurry of proposals on how countries can more effectively share responsibility for refugees. Currently, the responsibility falls predominantly on developing regions, which host 84 percent of the global refugee population.

Academics and policy experts developed a Model International Mobility Convention, which includes the allocation of “responsibility shares. The non-profit DARA (Development Assistance Research Associates) is working with UNHCR and others to develop an index to more accurately measure country’s contributions to refugee situations.

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