ABC’s Lateline: Nazanin’s family at breaking point

Disturbing allegations have been made about the treatment of a sexual assault victim and her family on Nauru

Reporter – Ginny Stein

ABC’s Lateline – Transcript and Video – 21 October 2015

Nazanin remains in a hospital in Australia, her brother and mother remain in Australia’s black site on Nauru.

DR HELEN DRISCOLL: “One of the profound treatment needs when somebody is traumatised is to reverse what occurred during the trauma. That is, there needs to be safety, there needs to be not isolation, there needs to be connectedness, warmth and – and dignity. And so it’s UTTERLY IMPERATIVE THAT THE FAMILY BE TOGETHER.”

ABC’s Lateline – Transcript and Video – 21 October 2015

Dr Helen Driscoll is the consultant adolescent psychiatrist to juvenile justice centres in Victoria. Her particular interest is in the area of developmental adversity, and the long- term impact of childhood trauma. Previously, Helen as been the senior lecturer in Child Psychiatry at the Royal Children’s Hospital and University of Melbourne.

Her experience working as a medical doctor in a Cambodian Refugee camp following the Pol Pot regime was influential in her subsequent interest in trauma, both on the individual and systemic responses.