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National RAR Open Letter

To: Bill Shorten, leader of the Federal Opposition

Dear Mr Shorten,

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing suffering of the refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus island. Many of them have been indefinitely detained in these island prisons for more than four years, after exercising their right to seek asylum in Australia. The current policy is cruel, inhumane and unsustainable. It brings shame on us all. We therefore call on the Labor party to:

  • end its bipartisan support for the Coalition government’s offshore detention policy.
  • declare its intention, if it wins the next Federal election, to permanently close all offshore detention facilities.
  • demand that the Coalition government brings all the asylum seekers and refugees currently languishing in offshore detention to Australia for processing and eventual resettlement in the US, New Zealand, Australia and other safe-haven countries.
  • demand that those with family connections in Australia be reunited with their family members.

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