Angel visits Malcolm Turnbull

An Angel visits Malcolm Turnbull

by | Dec 25, 2015


Human rights advocate and abuse witness Sarah Smith dressed as a Christmas Angel to make a plea for refugees to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at his private Sydney Harbour residence at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Accompanied by like-minded friends, Ms Smith handed over a white box containing images of over 30 offshore detainees witnesssed to have suffered psychological harm through trauma, long-term incarceration, loss of life options, beatings and sexual abuse by guards at Australian-run detention centres and in the community of their sweltering island prisons. Each photo is captioned with a brief description of the detainee’s specific strengths and suffering.

“… … the box of photos and a message of goodwill towards all boat arrivals was reluctantly accepted by Federal Police who opted for a silent night. Carol singing was discouraged outside the Prime Minister’s mansion. It is unclear whether the Turnbull family was with-inn but it is known that there are rooms to spare.”

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