ASRC Messaging Project

Researching and Messaging Project

Probject aimed at reframing the narrative around asylum seekers and refugees

August 2015           ASRC 1

Summary of Findings – Linguistic Analysis and Advocate Interviews

Step 1: Linguistic Analysis

Key Findings

  • Use of passive voice
  • Defining the problem
  • What is detention?
  • Making the case for solutions
  • Stop creating harm
  • Start doing good
  • Who are asylum seekers?
  • Questioning motives
  • What you fight you feed
  • Conclusions

Step 2 – Advocate Interviews 

  • Not much talk of “rights”
  • Economic arguments all but absent
  • Centrality of safety
  • Taking the gloves off
  • Nation as house
  • What’s in it for Australia?

Concluding Thoughts
These results of advocate interviews offer us fertile inputs from which to craft new message frames to test alongside more traditional approaches to advocate for people seeking asylum.

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