Australian NGO Coalition Submission to the Human Rights Committee

Australia’s Review by the Human Rights Committee is examining Australia’s compliance with the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights.

This is sadly a big issue for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum, as it reviews offshore detention, boat turnbacks, indefinite and mandatory detention and family reunion amongst other things.

Chapter 7
Detention practices for refugees and asylum seekers
7.1 Refugee and asylum seekers p34
7.2 Boat turnbacks and detention at sea p36
7.3 Offshore detention p36
7.4 Detention of children offshore p37
7.5 Indefinite mandatory detention onshore p38
7.6 Indefinite detention under adverse ASIO assessments p38
7.7 Asylum application processing p38
7.8 Removal on character grounds p39
7.9 Families kept apart p39


You can find the Australian NGO Coalition Submission to the Human Rights Committee here.