Should Australian states step up?

Is it time for Australian states to step up on asylum seeker support?

The cruelty of the federal government’s immigration services is well-established, but what’s happening in the states and territories? This is the focus of a new report out today.

Chris Woods – Crickey – 2 July 2018

Last week, the Department of Home Affairs began rolling out staggered cuts to support services for around 1500 people seeking asylum.

The government’s decision to kick people off Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) — which amounts to $35 per day coupled with some healthcare services — follows years of similar withdrawal of legal supportappeal options, and even the right to spit or own pets. In short, Australia’s punitive attitude towards people seeking asylum does not end with those still stuck on Manus Island or Nauru.

But while the toxicity around federal immigration often makes compassionate, holistic reform seem impossible, a different angle for making progress has often been overlooked: the role of state and territory governments.

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