Baby Asha and the shadow of ‘children overboard’

Baby Asha and the shadow of ‘children overboard’ – Jeff Sparrow

The Drum – Wed 25 Feb 2016

“As many have pointed out, there are obvious echoes of “children overboard” in Peter Dutton’s reaction to Baby Asha.

“On Monday, Dutton told Parliament that the Government would not be “blackmailed” or “held to ransom”. In any other context, the image of the Turnbull Government bravely resisting the threat posed by an injured baby would have seemed laughable. But when it comes to refugees, up is down and black is white. Hence Dutton could speak almost as if sending Asha back to the ill-equipped facilities in Nauru was a matter of humanitarianism: he refused, he said, to preside over a situation where people were “self-harming to come to hospitals in this country”.”

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