Refugee movement comes together to call for immediate evacuation of offshore camps

Refugee movement comes together to call for immediate evacuation of offshore camps

In an unprecedented move, over 70 organisations from across the country, led by the Refugee Council of Australia, have come together to call for an immediate evacuation of the offshore detention camps. 

The joint statement comes after a week of chaos regarding the possibility of a US resettlement deal, with Donald Trump’s administration (and Twitter account) releasing multiple conflicting statements regarding the fate of the hundreds of men, women and children trapped in limbo. Many of the people imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru are from countries currently excluded from entering the US under Trump’s travel ban.

Although Malcolm Turnbull maintains that the deal is still on, it was revealed this week that there is no minimum requirement of people to be accepted. As such, the deal could technically go ahead without a single person being resettled. 

This uncertainty has caused unthinkable mental anguish to those trapped on Nauru and Manus. These people have already endured physical and sexual abuse, torture and trauma and many have taken, or attempted to take, their own lives.  Directly after the announcement of the travel ban, one teenager tragically attempted suicide. 

It’s high time that this race to the bottom ended.  People’s lives are at stake.

How can you help?

1. We’re bringing the movement together on this because immediate action needs to be taken.  We need your support in order to continue this crucial work. Please consider donating whatever you can here. 

2. Join us in calling for the immediate evacuation of these cruel camps by adding your voice.

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