Call for help for legal defence of Biloela Tamil refugees

Fr Pan Jordan is trying to raise $7000 by Friday for a lawyer for Nades and Priya.

Fr Pan Jordan, member of the Tamil community and friend and supporter of the refugee rights campaign for years

Nades and Priya are the couple arrested and abducted in an early morning raid in Biloela.
They have lived there for years and were liked and popular in the town. Now they are subject to the government’s
intention to deport them to the danger that surely awaits them in Sri Lanka.

Here are the bank details:
Donation options are:

  1. Electronic Fund Transfer
    Account Name: Refugee Support Fund
    BSB: 064786
    Account Number: 513316002
    Bank: Commonwealth
    Please indicate your name as Remitter and under Descriptor the words “Family”
  2. Cheque or money order
    Made payable to the “Refugee Support Fund”
    Mail to: Refugee Support Fund, c/- Fr. Pan Jordan, PO Box 305, Carina Q 4152.

All payments will be acknowledged when contact details are provided.
Fr Pan Jordan OP
Phone: 0415 461 620