#KidsOffNauru Campaign

RAR Press Release – #KidsOffNauru – Aug 20, 2018

2018 National RAR Open Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison here

Petitions –
Refugee Council of Australia petition – Kids Off Nauru
GetUp Petition – Demand Politicians get #KidsOffNauru
ASRC Petition to evacuate Kids Off Nauru in 100 days
PLAN International – Add your name to get #kidsoffnauru
Amnesty International –

Email your MP to get Kids off Nauru

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Printable Postcards to send to Prime Minister MorrisonPeter DuttonDavid ColemanBill ShortenTanya Plibersek, or Shayne Neumann

4 Main Messages:
  • Locking up children is never the answer
  • You wouldn’t let your child grow up like this
  • Our political leaders must end the harm
  •  Australians deserve the truth
    • 6 out of 10 Australians don’t know there are children detained on Nauru

This report documents the horrors on Nauru that have transpired over the past six years. 

Central Victorian Refugee Support network members say – #KidsOffNauru

#KidsOffNauru Bendigo RAR Newsletter – Sept 2018

The Sisters in Lakemba say #KidsOffNauru

RAC EUROBODALLA has publicly kicked off their #KidsOffNauru campaign

RAC Eurobodalla set up a stall yesterday for 4 hours in the main street of Moruya to raise awareness re: #KidsOffNauru campaign. – See their Video here

Australian Refugee Action Network – Pacific Island Forum Heads of State briefing paper

27/8/18 – Whistleblowers fear for refugees on Nauru: Three whistleblowers have warned refugee children on Nauru are facing an unprecedented health crisis and are at risk of death. … Leaked documents compiled by immigration workers and obtained by the ABC’s 7.30 program reveal a spate of self-harm incidents on the island.

20/8/18 – Human rights groups set deadline to get all refugee children off Nauru Coalition of NGOs and charities calls for children to be brought to Australia by 20 November

“We abhor any form of unfair vulnerability created by a situation and this is actually of the Australian parliament’s making,” said World Vision Australia’s chief executive Claire Rogers.

“There’s a quite clear contravention of the refugee convention, and also we believe very strongly a breach of the rights of the child.”

Two-year-old Roze is held on Nauru. Her parents say she is sociable and likes to play outside, but there is no place for children to play in Nauru. Her family has been in Nauru for five years. Photograph: World Vision

Summary of campaign

#KidsOffNauru is a sector wide campaign calling for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to act to bring the 119 children and their families currently detained on Nauru to safety in Australia before Universal Children’s Day on November 20, 2018.

It’s 93 days to get all children out of detention on Nauru and into safety.

What does the #KIDSOFFNAURU campaign want? 

The children should be either resettled in Australia or in another suitable country which welcomes them. Children in detention should not be discriminated against and must be given a fair chance for survival and development. All decisions taken about offshore, indefinite detention must first and foremost consider the best interest of the child. This is to ensure that these children will be able to face their futures with certainty and finally start to pursue their hopes and dreams.

Whatever the solution, locking up children is not it.

More information about this campaign on ARAN website and on the #KidsOffNauru website

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