Chilcott: More Compassion Needed

Refugees need more compassion and less misguided resolve


The gratuitous cruelty and indifference to human suffering is incomprehensible. There must be another way

Former Australian Border Force Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg had quite a bit of time to ponder the “vexed issue of Border Protection” and the “inarguably … almost insoluble mess of the Pacific Solution”. Last week, responding to Labor MP Ged Kearney’s first speech in federal parliament, Quaedvlieg revealed his perspective on the seemingly intractable political equation facing the Labor party – how to communicate its commitment to stopping dangerous people smuggler boat journeys while at the same time demonstrating a progressive, just and moral response to global forced migration. The solution, he seems to be suggesting, is that Labor should follow the Liberal government’s example of “compassion and resolve.”

However, Quaedvlieg also reveals that he knows “compassion and resolve” is not the example the government has set at all.

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