Court orders Peter Dutton: transfer family from Nauru

Court orders Peter Dutton to transfer ill family of three from Nauru
Saba Vasefi & Helen Davidson – the Guardian – 25 Sept 2018

Judge stipulates no treatment by Border Force contractor or health provider IHMS

The federal court has once again enforced the medical evacuation of dangerously ill asylum seekers and refugees from Nauru, ordering the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, to transfer a family of three over the weekend.

The order, delivered by Justice Tom Thawley on Friday, also stipulated that they not be treated by anyone contracted by Australian Border Force or detention health provider IHMS.

It also addressed the long-held concerns of advocates and lawyers of sudden transfers back to Nauru, by ordering the department to give five business days’ notice of any plan to do so to the family’s solicitor or, if no solicitor is registered, the family itself.

Thawley also ordered the minister to pay costs.

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