July 19 is the anniversary of the day in 2013 when Kevin Rudd, then Prime Minister of Australia announced that people seeking asylum arriving in Australia by boat would be sent to offshore detention camps, and they would never be allowed to settle in Australia if found to be refugees. Offshore processing in Manus Island and Nauru started again in August 2012, but it is the date of 19 July which stands out as a landmark for off-shore / on-shore / community detention.


For yet another year RAR groups will hold their own gatherings or join with others in their area. COVID-19 restrictions will impact on what we are able to do, so it will probably be a mix of small-scale gatherings, signs in public places, on-line events. Whatever it is, tell us about it!


Please use this page to give the details of what is happening in your local area, to draw attention to your action. We will also post these on the ARAN website.


Southern Highlands RAR  have prepared some prayers that groups may want to use in their local areas.  Please use them as you can.  Some groups are talking to churches about bell ringing on July 19 too.

Prayer for Asylum seekers 2 July 19_ Flyer content for 19_7 July 19_ Letter to faith leaders


Musician John Hunter has given us a song that RAR groups can use in their rallies and gatherings.



Friday 17 July, 11am – 12 noon.

Dan Tehan electorate office:  190 Gray St, Hamilton.

Six HARAR members will stand outside Dan Tehan’s office with social distancing in place. Each person will have a placard.  The bell at the Catholic and Anglican churches will ring 7 times (or equivalent, for the 7 years of offshore detention in Manus and Nauru) – at 11 am and again at noon. And we’ll deliver a letter to his office.

We would like the group outside Dan’s office to also have a bell to ring.

We would also like people to volunteer to come to the vigil. If you can come, please call Judy on 0429 772 414 to let her know.

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Check out the timeline (July 2013 -2019) on off-shore detention from the Human Rights Law Centre.