Palm Sunday 2021

National Day of Action
Justice & a Fair Go for Refugees

#Justice4Refugees #FairGo4Refugees #GameOver

Rural Australians for Refugees endorses the Palm Sunday rallies being held around Australia. Palm Sunday has long been a day when everyday Australians come together to call for humanity, compassion and justice for people seeking asylum and refuge. In rural and regional communities across this country we stand up for refugees.

On Palm Sunday, 28 March, we will raise awareness of the continuing injustice and cruelty experienced by refugees and people who are seeking asylum.

This year, organisers of the Palm Sunday events are aware of the need for COVID-safety.
We recommend the wearing of masks and social distancing at all Palm Sunday actions and events

Let’s create a Twitter Storm – Find the Twitter storm action here. 
On Palm Sunday send a message to the PM calling for Justice and A Fair Go for Refugees – use the hashtags #Justice4Refugees  #GameOver.   


What’s happening on Palm Sunday?

  • Rallies and actions will be held in various cities and towns across Australia
  • Help add impact to this year’s nationwide actions: To add your event to the listing, end the details to us via the ARAN contact form
  • Lobby your local MP in the week before Palm Sunday
    Plan an action and/or phone and letter blitz on these 4 key issues:

    1. Permanent visas for all refugees
    2. Safety net income support in the community while people are having their refugee status assessed
    3. Release all Refugees from Detention;  #TimeForAHome
    4. End offshore detention; take up the NZ offer to resettle these people; #Game Over
  • Contact local media about your planned activities and raise awareness of the issues locally.

Resources are available on the ARAN website


Palm Sunday Postcards
to send to the Prime Minister
can be downloaded here

Online – Palm Sunday
#Justice4Refugees #FairGo4Refugees #GameOver

Social media campaign:

  1. Follow Speaking Up for Refugees on Facebook from 1 March and share through your social media networks
  2. Email a photo or short video clip with a message of support from your local group, organisation – or as an individual for posting on the Speaking up for Refugees Facebook page. Then send the link to us via contact us via the ARAN contact form.
  3. A webinar – Justice and a Fair Go for Refugees is planned for mid-March; check back here for details which are coming soon.
  4. Online actions on the day – to be advised

Palm Sunday Bells Poster

Faith communities will hold special Palm Sunday services and church bells will ring for refugees.
Download your Palm Sunday Church Bells Poster here and add your local details

Other Posters for your event

Poster 1 – Just download and add the name of your town or city.
Our Town Welcomes Refugees







Poster WITH Date – Just download and add your local Palm Sunday event details









Poster WITHOUT Date – Just download and add your local Palm Sunday event details