What we do & don’t know re the US refugee resettlement deal

What we do and don’t know about the refugee resettlement deal with the United States

ABC News – 13 November 2016

The United States and Australia have agreed to a one-off refugee resettlement deal for people on Manus Island and Nauru.

This is what we do and don’t know about the agreement.

Who will be affected?

The agreement will cover people on Manus Island and Nauru found to be genuine refugees.

It depends on how many pass the vetting process by the US, but the ABC understands the offer will be made to the vast majority of people still in offshore detention centres, as well as those processed offshore but are currently in Australia due to medical reasons.

The offer will not be made to those who have accepted resettlement elsewhere.

The Federal Government says it will prioritise families first.

What happens to those who aren’t refugees?

They can either return to their country of origin or remain on the islands.

The UNHCR says it is “gravely concerned” for this cohort.

For those refugees who reject an offer of resettlement in the US, they could soon be subject to a 20-year visa under negotiations between Nauru and Australia.

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