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Ararat: Monthly meeting: Grampians/Gariwerd RAR

6 April 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Grampians Gariwerd RAR

Muslim leaders to speak to our group starting promptly at 7pm.

Talk to cover two areas. (the following has been written by Paul as suggested topics that might be of interest to our members) Please have any questions ready after the presentation.

1. The Syrian crisis – What information do you  have to inform the group about Syria, what information do you have about the conditions, type of people, what Syria was like when you were there, do you have any contacts still there ?

2. As a Muslim living in a western society, how do non-Muslim people with little knowledge of Islam interact with Muslims, without offending them. What are the common mistakes and miss apprehensions people make?

1. Things to consider; How to greet, do you shake hands, offering gifts, difference between left and right hands, interaction between genders, what is acceptable, eye contact between male and females,

2. Preparing food, what is hallal? What is the label, where do you buy? How do you set up the table, do you separate the genders etc.

3. When Muslims come to your home, how do you make it Muslim “friendly”, pets (dogs & cats etc), what about allowances for prayers, supply of facilities for ablution (washing), room for praying, times etc Separation of genders. If a Muslim is staying in your home, how do you cater for them?

4. When you are invited into a Muslim home, what are the protocols? Removal of shoes etc, accepting of hospitality etc.

5. Handling of the Quran if the opportunity arises, do’s and don’ts.

6. How not to offend a Muslim when discussing his/her religion?

7. If time allows, explain a bit about what is a Muslim, how does a non-Muslim recognise a Muslim.

8. Learning simple greetings, (as-Salaam-Alaikum) and reply’s etc

 For more information contact Bonnie: 


6 April 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


RAR – Grampians/Gariwerd