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Corangamite – Voters urged to vote wisely

18 May 2019

CHOOSE FAIRNESS AND DECENCY FOR REFUGEES – Corangamite voters urged to vote wisely.


Banners are up along the Great Ocean Road, urging voters to ‘Choose Fairness and Decency for Refugees’.


Residents, churches and businesses in Clifton Springs, Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, Ocean Grove, Torquay, Anglesea, Airey’s Inlet, Fairhaven and Apollo Bay have already joined the campaign, which is founded on the principle that vulnerable people have a right to seek asylum, and to be treated with compassion.

Rural Australians for Refugees groups confirmed “We don’t have any political affiliation, we just want to see good policies … Many Australians are still unaware of the suffering. Asylum seekers came here hoping only for safety, yet they have been subjected to years of indefinite detention in distant offshore countries. They don’t know when or if ever they will see their families again. And many who have been accepted as refugees and who live here among us don’t have any permanency or access to family reunion. Visas can be cancelled without warning, people can be uprooted and sent back to danger – just because they came by boat. This is neither fair nor decent.”


The Great Ocean Road is iconic, built by soldiers returning from a war they fought to ensure freedom, justice and fairness. It is a fitting backdrop to this campaign for fairness and decency. We hope that voters will pay particular attention to the parties’ positions on refugees and asylum seekers.



Sue Longmore OAM – Queenscliff Rural Australians for Refugees (QRAR): 0418 340 155

Cathie Bond – Combined Refugee Action Group (CRAG): 0407 013 428

Ali Corke – Apollo Bay Rural Australians for Refugees (ABRAR): 0418 395 205



18 May 2019