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National Letter Blitz: Where is our Australia “fair”?

18 January 2018 - 31 January 2018

RAR Bendigo Letter Writing Group has launched a Letter Blitz in the lead up to Australia Day.

Australia Day Letter Writing Blitz
Write to … MPs, newspapers (city and regional), anyone and everyone. Let’s write hundreds of letters.

Addresses for Senators and MPs – http://bit.ly/2h7EhFc

  • We are asking you to consider Australian values, and the many ways the government is devaluing us.
  • We are losing the right to transparent government, to fair trial, to nobody being above the law, etc.
  • We are being deliberately divided, citizen is pitted against citizen.
  • The vulnerable members of our communities are being trampled on, manipulated.
  • Minorities are being scapegoated.So … … 

• We are asking you to push back.
• We are asking you to write about these issues.
• We are asking you to target capital city newspapers, (especially the Murdoch press, and also the regional papers.)

Especially, we are asking you to consider the plight of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Where is our Australia “fair”? 
What is happening to our Australian values?
This Australia Day …
Thinking about indigenous dispossession?
Also, please …
Think about people who are imprisoned, yet have done nothing wrong, committed no crime, and who are even denied a trial, fair or otherwise.

“In history’s page, let every stage advance Australia fair.”

The tune to those words we sing was written by Tommy Tycho, a Jewish refugee who came to Australia after experiencing, as a 15-year-old boy, the horrors of a forced labour camp during WW2. 
Tommy Tycho AM MBE was Musical Director at the Seven Network for 15 years, was involved in nine Royal Command Performances, and conducted all the ABC symphony orchestras
He might have been born in Hungry, but the multi-talented pianist, conductor, composer, arranger … and former refugee … died in 2013, in Randwick, Sydney. Australia gave him a chance to shine, to contribute.

“with courage let us all combine to advance Australia Fair”
It’s time for all good people to stand up

Who am I talking about?
• We call them refugees and people seeking asylum.
• Our government calls them boat people, takes away their name, gives them a number … There is something wrong when a 6yr old says her name is “EZB037”- Thomas Albrecht, UNHCR
• … and then the government locks these people up, and/or transports them to an offshore island.

Boat people are NOT criminals who need locking up.
• They are the victims.
• Our government KNOWS they are victims, that they are fleeing danger, fleeing for their lives. That’s why they call them refugees. That’s why they don’t send them back as soon as they arrive.
• Our government KNOWS these people are genuine.
• They are refugees.

How does Australia “help” these people when they ask us for protection, for safety?
• The Australian government locks them in detention centres, i.e. prisons, without trial – at least one man has now been imprisoned for 8 years without charge, without recourse to a trial.
• The Australian government locks people up onshore and off-shore, without trial,
• Then, when our government was found to be acting unlawfully off-shore, it opened the gates … but left people trapped, stranded, abandoned on Manus and Nauru. 
• NB. When you cannot leave an island, the island itself becomes the prison.
• 2 centuries ago we had another open-air island prison. It was called Van Diemen’s Land.

Australia Day Letter Writing Blitz
Write to … MPs, newspapers (city and regional), anyone and everyone. Let’s write hundreds of letters.

Addresses for Senators and MPs – http://bit.ly/2h7EhFc


18 January 2018
31 January 2018