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Nation wide: #toNZ campaign

1 December 2019 - 31 January 2020

Supporting Andrew Wilkie’s Refugee Protection Bill

The Bill provides a humane response to the protection and processing of people seeking refuge and asylum in the Asia Pacific Region.

RAR is requesting that other refugee advocay and support groups campaign for this bill to be successful!

Please read the bill here EM-Refugee Protection Bill

Check the RAR website for the latest information and share on Facebook and twitter the latest action you or your group have taken using the hash tag #toNZ



We are asking everyone to please email or call their federal member and ask them these two questions:

  1. What will it take for Australia to accept the NZ deal?
  2. What will happen to the asylum seekers left in PNG if we don’t accept the deal? 

We are seeking to have every member in the country be faced with these questions in the month of September during Cathy McGowan’s nation wide series of talks.

This is a high priority for RAR. Please support this campaign to free those in PNG #toNZ. Share your letters, share articles on socail media using #toNZ

Find your members contact details here. 



  1. Email your local ALP member to ask Anthony Albanese to request that Jacinda Adern reissue her invitation to the Federal Government and Prime Minister Marape to resettle Asylum Seeker in New Zealand.
  2. Email your local Greens Senator and ask them to contact the New Zealand Greens MPs to persuade Jacinda Adern to offer to re-settle the Asylum Seekers in New Zealand.
  3. Follow up phone call to ask for a meeting with your local MP/Senator….be polite, be persistent.
  4. Be friendly, build a relationship, do not accuse


You can download printable postcards here to send to your local member.




1 December 2019
January 31