Gillard Pens “Heartbreaking” Refugee Situation

Julia Gillard Pens Piece On “Heartbreaking” Refugee Situation:  Someone Should Send It To 2012

By Max Chalmers on

New Matilda – The Insiders Blog

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Fate – and perhaps in some cases, guilt – do funny things to politicians in retirement.

Phillip Ruddock, who has done more than most to put Australia’s refugee policies profoundly at odds with international human rights obligations, is now the nation’s ‘special envoy’ for human rights.

Joe Hockey, who railed against entitlement while proving thoroughly inadequate in his own job as Treasurer, has been rewarded with the prime position of US Ambassador.

And now it seems that Julia Gillard – who excised the entire Australian mainland so that refugees who arrived by boat would not be afforded the same rights as others under Australian law; sent men, women and children to offshore detention; and effectively suspended the processing of thousands of claims for asylum – has decided retirement is the perfect time to become a refugee advocate.

In a piece published recently on opinion portal Project Syndicate, the former Australian Prime Minister turned Board Chair for the Global Partnership for Education, notes that the organisation she now works for recently provided a $7 million grant to Chad. The goal was to assist in providing education services to the hundreds of thousands of refugees forced into the country by surrounding instability. In explaining the move, Gillard appealed to readers to think of the children.

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