‘Give Them a Future!’ Permanent protection for refugees

Queenscliff RAR have launched this campaign to give permanent protection for people recognized as refugees and yet who do not have permanent visas.  The Australian Labor Party has a policy which will grant permanent protection to these refugees.  We simply want to ask the ALP to hold to this policy and not change it.

These refugees are  people who sought safety in Australia approximately 8 years ago. The Federal Government calls them the ‘Legacy Caseload.’

Over 17,000 of them have been recognised as refugees and granted Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) or Temporary Protection Visas (TPV). The remainder are still waiting for their interviews or protection claim outcomes, or have been refused, with many now in an Appeals process.

These visas are not permanent visas. They offer no hope of establishing a safe and secure future. They offer no hope of family reunion; and they place refugees in a continual state of extreme stress, fearing that they may eventually be returned to the country from which they fled persecution.

Although it is important to lobby all political parties for permanent protection for refugees, at this particular time, the ‘Give them a Future! Campaign’ invites you to focus your attention on ALP politicians.

The Australian Labor Party is currently reviewing its policies in readiness for the ALP National Conference. We need to ensure that Permanent Protection for Refugees remains a key part of Labor’s Refugee Policy, and we need to advocate for amnesty for those in the ‘Legacy Caseload’ still awaiting Appeals or outcomes.

We encourage refugee advocacy groups across Australia and their members to write & post letters to:

  • the Labor MP in your Electorate/ or closest Labor-held Electorate
  • all Labor Senators in your State
  • key Labor politicians: Leader of the Opposition – Anthony Albanese; Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration & Citizenship – Kristina Keneally; Assistant Shadow Minister for Immigration & Citizenship – Andrew Giles

To guide you, we have provided: a sample letter, Campaign information sheet, ‘Legacy Caseload’ Fact Sheet, and Contact details for all Labor politicians.

SAMPLE LETTER 20.09.26 Sample letter to Federal Labor Politicians    please amend this to your own situation.  It doesn’t need to be long.
20.09.21 Give them a Future! -Campaign for Permanent Protection for Refugees
20.09.21 Legacy Case Load fact sheet
20.09.21 ALP MPs and Senators – contact details