How to end our Nation’s Shame

Asylum Seekers: how to end our nation’s shame

Canada’s new Liberal government is showing Australia the way.

Nicholas Reece   in The Age – 28 December 2015

Will Australia ever display more compassion to asylum seekers?

Some Liberal MPs have started telling refugee advocates to wait until after the next election and they will see a more humane policy from the Turnbull government. Sorry, not good enough. The horror of war in Syria and the Middle East has left the world facing the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, with 60 million displaced people seeking a place they can live safely. Australia needs to show more of its generous heart. Not just towards those currently fleeing the Middle East but also the 2000 people already in our immigration detention facilities and the 29,000 languishing in purgatory in Australia on bridging visas.

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