AHRC against Peter Dutton’s bid for more power

Human Rights Commission pushes back against Peter Dutton bid for more powers

by Paul Karp – The Guardian – 12 May 201

Home affairs minister already has too much discretion over cancellation of visas
and tribunal process should remain, groups say

Peter Dutton
 The Human Rights Commission and other groups have objected to expanding Peter Dutton’s powers to make visa cancellation decisions. Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

The Human Rights Commission has lobbied against expanding the home affairs minister and department’s powers to make visa cancellation decisions without a merits review and even called for them to be wound back.

Parties including the Refugee Council and the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council have made submissions to a parliamentary inquiry reviewing cancellation of visas on character grounds, warning that Peter Dutton already has too much discretion.

Dutton is on a campaign to expand the powers of the Home Affairs Department to make decisions without review by the administrative appeals tribunal (AAT) on questions of merit, which allows the tribunal to exercise discretion to set aside or vary decisions.

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