Human Rights Working Group

The RAR Human Rights Subcommittee works to

  • Raise RAR member and public awareness about issues involving Human Rights.
  • Provide material and information relating to Human Rights of refugees and people seeking asylum
  • Advocate for a Charter of Human Rights.

 The RAR Human Rights Subcommittee:

  • reports on the human rights status of people seeking refuge and asylum;
  • provides information for circulation to the RAR membership on Human Rights
  • makes recommendations for workshops, forums, guest speakers on Human Rights
  • recommends actions to RAR National Executive arising out of research of Human Rights subcommittee.


Membership is a minimum of one person from each state and the Northern Territory.

Nominations will be called for members in July of each year.

Each member of the group will report on initiatives in support of Human Rights in their state/territory.


Meetings are by zoom or teleconference on the second Monday of each month at 8.00 pm EST.

Currently the RAR Human Rights subcommittee has three members from Victoria, one member from South Australia, two members from NSW and two members from Queensland.


RAR National endorses the below statement by the Human Rights working group.
Australia needs an Australian Charter of Rights to benefit the whole community, including people who have asked for our protection. An Australian Charter of Rights must enshrine equality, fairness and safety for all. #AustralianCharterofRights
The three highest priorities are:
Freedom……..for refugees and all Australians
Equality……..for refugees and Australians
Citizenship rights for children born in Australia.