Petitions and Letters – do they make a difference?

See the update below on the Save Nadir Campaign …

Can Letters Make a Difference ?

Mike thinks so.

This week Mike wrote to every ALP member of parliament,

and no doubt Mike would be feeling disappointed tonight.

But what if we had ALL written to every ALP member of parliament?

Mike’s letter … and … Nadir’s petition

 If you haven’t already done so, you can add your voice to Nadir’s petition – here


4 August … Update on the Save Nadir Campaign …

Nadir has been assured by his immigration case worker that he won’t be deported until a decision is handed down on the International Treaties Obligations Assessment conducted by the department in January this year and that this decision may take many months. Solicitor and migration agent acting for Nadir, Chilemwa Nkowane- Poole, has confirmed this to be the case. So while his deportation date – for the day after tomorrow – may come and go, Nadir has yet to be given any certainty about his future and has been left with the ongoing fear of still being deported once the ITOA decision is made.

The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, is fully aware of Nadir’s case and of the groundswell of support he has received from around the country. Let’s use these last few days before the given deportation date to contact Peter Dutton. We urge you to phone his office and let his staff know that you do not want Nadir to be deported – either now or into the future. Tell them Nadir will never be safe in Afghanistan and that you urge the minister to show compassion and give Nadir permanent protection in Australia. All phone messages are noted, emails too. As 6 August now approaches, let’s use this opportunity to let Peter Dutton’s office know we are watching carefully and hoping for a compassionate response. Fisher MP, Mal Brough, is well-acquainted with Nadir’s case. We ask you to contact his office too and pass on the same message.

Thank you all for your continued support of our Save Nadir campaign.

Peter Dutton

Mal Brough