Manus – compensation may be paid

Manus Island: Government could pay compensation to almost 2,000 detainees over treatment
By Sarah Whyte, Eric Tlozek, Lin Evlin
ABC News – 14 June 2017

Almost 2,000 men detained by the Federal Government on Manus Island may receive compensation for mistreatment, in what legal experts say would be the largest human rights settlement in Australian legal history.

Key points:

  • Almost 2,000 Manus Island detainees involved in class action
  • Legal experts expect it to settle, with Government to pay significant compensation
  • Lawyers say dozens of compensation cases against Immigration Department settled out of court since 2015

The class action against the Immigration Department is scheduled to commence in the Victorian Supreme Court tomorrow but it is predicted to settle, rather than proceed to a six-month trial.

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Greg Barns, a Hobart-based lawyer, has been advising another class action for 731 men on Manus Island.

He is certain the case will also settle and he estimated the men could receive about $150,000 each.

“The class action in Papua New Guinea involves really a question of false imprisonment,” he said.

“What this means … [is] that for every day they have been kept unlawfully they are entitled to compensation.”

Documents obtained under a Freedom of Information request lodged by the Australian Lawyer’s Alliance stated that between 1999 and 2011, the Immigration Department paid $23.4 million in compensation to people who had been held in Australian-run immigration detention centres.

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