Manus Lives Matter: Nov 2017 Newsletter

Manus Lives Matter – Nov Newsletter 2017

Human Tragedy  

Refugees on Manus are seriously in danger of dying from medical neglect engineered by Australia’s punitive controlling policies.

Four have died on Manus already from medical neglect and one from murder and many have serious permanent injuries or illness from which they may never fully recover.

The current siege is one issue but far greater than the threat of serious injury or harm from the fringe criminal element of Manus who targets them is the danger of permanent injury or death from medical neglect if they are forced to stay longer in PNG..

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Message from Sister Jane Keogh – 10 Nov 2017

Dear friends,
The drama is unfolding on Manus. Let us pray for no loss of life in what ensures.
Tonight, 8th November, PNG authoirities sent out  a threatening warning that they will target those they label as ringleaders.
Stefan Armbrusher from Immigration wrote:
“Those involved indisruption have been identified and appropriate means will be used to apprehend individuals who are causing unnecessary anxiety and violence”.
I think it might be a badge of honour to be labelled a disruptive influence to Dutton and PNG Immigration.
Definiton of ” being a disruptive influence” =
1. keeping everyone as calm as possible,
2. managing 100 days of eaceful protest with a group of 600 traumatised me,
3  telling the world of Australia’s and the PNG governments’ inhumanity.
I have tried to give a comprehensive overview of the extent the Australian government goes to to make sure the men remain ill and continue to suffer.
Austrlaia creates the conditions for the suffering and leaves the men to suffer indefinitely with no hope of reprieve.
The stories here are hardly believable. It must leave every Australian asking what kind of nation have we become and how long will we let this continue.
Jane Keogh