Nauru: 12-year-old at imminent risk

Nauru hunger strike: 12-year-old boy at imminent risk of dying

Island staff report a looming children’s health crisis ahead of Pacific Islands Forum

by Ben Doherty – The Guardian – 16 August 2018

A 12-year-old refugee boy on hunger strike on Nauru for more than a fortnight is at imminent risk of dying, medical staff on the island say, but efforts to move him to hospital care in Australia have foundered.

He is one of several critical child cases on the island – including a 14-year-old boy with muscle wastage so severe he may never walk normally again, and a two-year-old child whose parents are too unwell to care for him.

Staff on the island report a looming crisis in children’s health, ahead of the Pacific Islands Forum next month, and the attendant international attention that will bring.

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