Nauru: Court orders sick child to Oz

Case joins more than a dozen failed attempts by immigration minister to block transfer of a child

Helen Davison – The Guardian – 1 August 2018

The federal court has again forced Peter Dutton to transfer a dangerously sick child from Nauru to Australia for treatment, dismissing arguments from the immigration minister’s representatives that the girl wasn’t seriously ill.

On Thursday the federal court’s Justice Robertson ordered an adolescent girl be transferred to Sydney for urgent medical care, accompanied by a family member.

“The applicant is at serious risk of permanent complications from her current medical situation and [I] find that the applicant appears to be at imminent risk to her health, both in the short term and in the long term,” wrote Robertson in his judgement.

“It follows that I do not accept the submission on behalf of the minister that the applicant has not shown sufficient evidence of the seriousness of her medical condition or sufficient urgency in terms of the treatment for her medical condition.”

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre confirmed the girl is now in Australia with a family member, and is receiving medical treatment.

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