Burnside: Nauru should shock every Australian

What is happening on Nauru should shock the conscience of every Australian Julian Burnside – The Guardian – 19 July 2018 It is important that we all know the truth of what our government is doing to innocent people In the middle of 2016 Guardian Australia published the Nauru files: more than 2,000 incident reports recording… Continue reading

Australia Under Fire for Separating Refugee Families

GENEVA — Lisa Schlein –  19 July 2018 The Australian government is facing pressure from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to end its policy of separating refugee families, which the U.N. says has devastating psychological consequences. Australia has been separating refugee families since 2013 as a way of deterring people from coming by sea… Continue reading

Amnesty: EU do not repeat HR failures of Australia

Amnesty warns EU not to repeat human rights failures of Australian refugee policy JULY 20, 2018 Amnesty International has issued a stark warning to the European Union to not repeat Australia’s notorious policy of detaining refugees and people seeking asylum in horrific offshore detention centres. In an open letter to European Council President Donald Tusk,… Continue reading

Age Editorial: Hope for some must not hide refugee plight

Hope for some must not hide refugee plight Editorial – The Age – 19 July 2018 — 6:21pm The plight of the 1600-odd asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru has been a stain on Australia for more than a decade. Recent progress should not hide the reality that there is more work to do. The… Continue reading

Boochani: Five years of detention

“Today marks 5yrs imprisonment of 2000 innocent children, women and men on Manus & Nauru. For us this is 5yrs of suffering and 12 young lives cruelly taken. It is countless pleas for justice ignored. For the government this is 5yrs of lying, torturing & propaganda. Such a dark day.”  – Behrouz Boochani Refugees, asylum seekers… Continue reading

Aussie expats help Manus, Nauru refugees in US

‘Mateship’: Aussie expats pair with Manus, Nauru refugees in US The volunteers say it’s the least they can do for those who were refused entry to their homeland. By Peter Theodosiou – SBS News – 19 July 2018 Refugees formerly held in detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru are being paired with more than 300… Continue reading

Refugee advocates target political leaders

PAUL OSBORNE – Australian Associated Press – 19 July 2017 Vigils are being held outside the offices of senior politicians including the prime minister and opposition leader to mark the fifth anniversary of offshore processing. When Kevin Rudd seized back the Labor leadership in mid-2013 he made it one of his aims to toughen his party’s… Continue reading

Global push against refugees

The global push against refugees Binoy Kampmark 11 July 2018 Cometh the time, cometh the exploitable prejudice. With millions of globally displaced persons, states are retreating from the business of treating the condition as one of dysfunction inflicted by war, famine and poverty. It has morphed from a matter of humanitarianism to one of social… Continue reading

What we really want is freedom

‘What can we really want from Australia except freedom? Stop torturing us.’ Josh Butler – ten daily Senior News Reporter – Sun 15 Jul 2018 The Australian-run regional processing centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island has been shut down. The centre on the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru hosts a fraction of the people it… Continue reading

Final Draft: Global Refugee Compact

Formal talks on global refugee compact conclude with strong and broad agreement Efforts to strengthen its response to refugees passed an important milestone this week. By Ariane Rummery  |  06 July 2018 GENEVA – The international community’s efforts to strengthen its response to refugees passed an important milestone this week, with the wrapping up of formal talks in… Continue reading