Pamela Curr: Impending Retirement

Impending retirement of well-known refugee advocate


Pamela at our recent National RAR Conference in Bendigo

Pamela Curr Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Melbourne 4 October 2016

Dear Friends

I am retiring at the end of October.” It’s Time” as they say.

Luckily for our people in detention, an experienced, knowledgeable, feisty advocate is stepping into the ASRC Detention’ Advocate role. Natasha Blucher who was the coordinator of DASSAN the Darwin project for people seeking asylum has agreed to take up the ASRC detention advocate position.

Tash will work with our wonderful legal team fighting for rights for our folks in detention and just released from detention. Tash knows the system and its pitfalls well from her experience on Nauru and in Darwin. She comes onboard at a hard time when conditions in detention are daily more prisonlike and punitive but she is more than capable of taking on the struggle.

So not goodbye yet – just an alert.

Pamela Curr