Iranian Women’s Association calls for permanent visas for refugees

Rural Australians for Refugees endorses this call and encourages our members and supporters to sign and promote this petition.

This petition was recently profiled on SBS News.  Check it out here.

11 Years Too Long

Great news!  This petition is now closed as the refugee has been released (1/10/2020)!

A RAR Associate member, Sr Elizabeth Young RSM, has started a petition for a refugee she had known for many years.  He has spent 11 years in detention.  The article in the Guardian on 22 Sept 2020 sets out why this is a case even beyond the levels of inhumanity and cruelty we are used to seeing from the Australian Government.

Sri Lankan refugee detained by Australia for 11 years despite government ruling he’s owed protection
Show your support for this petition by signing and circulating amongst your networks.


The community continues to call for this family to return to Biloela.  Sign the petition 


These petitions below are now closed.

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Petition asking the Australian government to urgently find a safe country for the resettlement for those who remain in PNG, in particular the men held until recently in Bomana prison. Please print, collect signature and return


Online Petition  re SRSS Cuts – Back Your Neighbour campaign

Stop cruel cuts to support for asylum seekers living in the community – petition:

You can also email your MP here

The Back Your Neighbour campaign is run by the Local Government Mayoral Taskforce Supporting People Seeking Asylum, a group of Australian Councils who are speaking out against Federal Government cuts to the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program leaving thousands of asylum seeker families living in Australia destitute and homeless. For more information about the Taskforce see >>

Free Rajan Petition

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I’ve been a regular visitor to MITA detention centre in broadmeadows since 2013. Last week a friend I visit, Rajan, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Rajan has been in detention for over 9 years now. We have started a petition for his release, so that he can be supported by his friends during this difficult time. If you would be happy to sign, share and pass on this petition that would be greatly appreciated! This is the link to the petition: