Postcards and Posters

Resources on this page are for your use. Please feel free to copy, print or share.

Printable postcards –
Thanks to the Aireys Inlet RAR Letter Writing Team, Southern Highlands RAR, and other RAR members for these Postcards

Most of the postcards can be printed as A4 (both sides) – then cut, to make 4 Postcards (A6 size)

Three Types of Christmas Cards which can be printed as a Card, Postcard or images shared on Social Media.

Print and send to Senators in your state – see names of Senators for your state here

PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND TO THEIR NON CANBERRA ADDRESS as the politicans are on break for a few months. 

#tonz Postcard for PM – A4 pdf version

#tonz postcard for PM – A4 Word version

#toNZ – Single Postcard for your local MP

#toNZ – Four Postcards for Members of House of Representatives

#toNZ – Four Postcard for Senators

Please let us go home to Biloela Postcards for MPs

Please let us go home to Biloela Postcards for Senators

RAR 19-058 Postcard 6 years too Long 26 July

RAR19-054 Postcard – Dehumanisation of ‘The Other’ Jacinda Adern – 21 April

RAR19-055b Election postcard – PM – Not in My Name – Typhoid on MI – 5 May


The below postcards are with regard to the ongoing inhumane detention of the Daughters of the Tamil family from Biloela Queensland. The group asked that you sign and post the postcard.

The below postcards are from March 2019.


ARAN – Australian Refugee Action Network

Printable Postcards

For your Xmas stalls

Print the dove on light cardboard – cut out and hang on xmas trees
Designed by RAR Southern Highlands



RAR postcard

RAR poster

Designed by RAR Daysleford



 Arms around Parliament House

Home Affairs Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous Measures) Bill 2018