Protection and Punishment in the People Business

“It is not clear how many refugees have been humiliated and beaten in Manus Island camp’s Chauka and Green zone but something is clear: Manus Island, like Nauru and Christmas Island, was chosen for its remote location so that the companies operating the camps can do whatever they like to refugees easily and without watchful eyes.”

Protection and Punishment in the People Business
December 10, 2015 – The AIM Network
Translated by Tomas Askarian and Janet Galbraith.

‘Between Foxtrot and Mike compounds in Manus Camp there is a place called the Green zone. It is a remote place familiar to the ERT. [ERT is Wilson Security’s Emergency response Team]’

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Green Zone has two rooms surrounded by fences. It is a place where refugees who have objected to their bad situations are forcibly imprisoned by ERT. Prior to the Green Zone there was Chauka. Chauka was 300 metres outside of the original camp in a ruined place. Chauka was as terrible as the Green Zone now is. Many men have been humiliated and beaten there far from the world’s eyes.’

‘Chauka was closed as a result of pressure by human rights’ organisations but Green zone is still active.’

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