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Refugee activist Betty Dixon died on June 15 2006, aged 76. She made numerous trips to Woomera and Baxter detention centres to visit asylum seekers, and frequently visited the Villawood detention centre in Sydney, three hours’ drive from her home in Goulburn.

Betty’s activism began in 2001 with the demonisation of the Tampa refugees, which she said “really got me going”.

She set up a Goulburn group of Rural Australians for Refugees.

At the time of Betty’s death, refugee advocate Pamela Curr wrote: “Betty could have had a comfortable life with her many interests and friends but instead, like many in the refugee movement, she devoted her time to overcoming these cruel policies. She really was an inspiration. We all miss you already Betty. Vale dear friend.”

Goulburn RAR is a member of SE NSW Regional Refugee Network

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Goulburn RAR works cooperatively with the Goulburn Multicultural Centre

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