Uki Refugee Project

Uki Refugee Project

What can one small village do?

Our plans for 2017

Our plans for 2017 include a stall

at the monthly Uki Buttery Bazaar held on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

See you there


Sunday 7 February 2016 – – The year began with a showing of the film “Mary Meets Mohamed” at the Regent Cinema. The event was organised by Tweed Shire Council to celebrate its signing of the REFUGEE WELCOME ZONE DECLARATION which came about because of approaches from Uki Refugee Project in cooperation with Pottsville Refugee Support Group.

Read about our activities for 2016

What can one small village do?

Partner with people seeking asylum in Australia; and with the Australian community; to promote understanding, compassion and friendship for refugees.

Our primary activity is to organise Friendship Weekends in the Tweed Valley for refugees and asylum seekers from Brisbane – a group of up to 32 at a time. We have done this twice a year for three years now and the next Friendship Visit will be around April 2017.


  • Gratitude for our abundant life in a safe and peaceful country;
  • Celebration of diversity;
  • Empathy for and a readiness to learn from refugees;
  • Generosity, respect and integrity;
  • Confidentiality and trustworthiness;
  • Sustainability, excellence and collegiality in our project;


  • Offer friendship to people who have sought asylum;
  • Learn by consulting refugees and those who know refugees well;
  • Encourage wider community awareness and involvement;
  • Facilitate cross cultural exchange;
  • Emphasise the value of mutual friendship e.g., by visits, letters;
  • Help in practical or financial ways;
  • Advocate for a humane treatment of refugees.

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For further information email: 

Uki Refugee Project, PO Box 3063, Uki NSW 2484

Uki Refugee Project

MARCH on PALM SUNDAY 2016 in Murwillumbah
The group in Murwillumbah may have been small compared to the 2,000 marchers in Sydney, but they expressed clearly their wish for Australia to have more compassionate policies towards refugees.


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