Compassion and Justice for Refugees – Upper Spencer Gulf & Whyalla

Compassion and Justice for Refugees, Whyalla

We advocate on behalf of refugees, especially those in detention to help them be released into the community. Children in Detention are a great concern. We write to politicians and hold rallies seeking support for refugees.

#5YearsTooMany – 19 July 2018

Six years too many – July 19, 2019

We are commemorating six years of offshore detention. John Hunt from GTS Channel Seven has been contacted to interview Justin Hart who won 4th place in a national song contest ‘Songs Alive’ for the lyrics ‘It’s a privilege to be Free’.

Our members also wrote to prime minister of Papua New Guinea and Central Alliance Senators.

The Video below tells the story of a refugee from Afghanistan who ended up
making movies, getting gold medals and starting NGOs.

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