Bendigo RAR

Monthly Rally – 3rd Friday of each month
– 5pm (AEDT), 5.30pm (AEST) at Rosalind Park, opposite the Fountain
Facebook: RAR Bendigo
Website: Bendigo RAR Website  for  Bendigo RAR News and Newsletters
Bendigo RAR is one of 6 RAR groups in Central Victoria.
Bendigo RAR works closely other Human Rights groups in Bendigo

Great photo of Bendigo RAR convenor, Chistine Cummins with Selena Choo at Bendigo’s inaugural Refugee Week Business and Employee Recognition Awards.

Awards were presented in four categories. Mad Cow Cleaning was the recipient of the Refugee Week Business Recognition Award for small business, while Moira Mac’s Poultry and Fine Foods received the award for large business. Bendigo Health dental clinic’s Say Ka Trace was named employee of the year in the small business category.  Lwai Thaw Klay Pay Klay, of Amicus, received the employee of the year award for large business.

For Information about Safe Haven Enterprise Visa – SHEV, Program in Bendigo click here

Bendigo RAR meets:on second Tuesday of each month (Due to COVID – currently meeting on Zoom)

SIEV X memorial

The SIEV X installations are memorials to refugee children drowned at sea.

Aerial view of the SIEV X memorial.

Ground level views of the memorials.

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