Dunkeld Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support Group

Dunkeld Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support Group (DRASS Group)
(Member led group supporting each others’ ideas & social activism)
  • Vision: ‘Opening Hearts and Doors to Refugees’.
  • Mission – Using community initiatives to fundraise, educate and effect policy change to grow
    compassion for refugees
  • Values – Kindness, Inclusiveness, Equality, Acceptance, Understanding, Respect
  • Core Principles – Non-party political, Non- religious affiliation, Upholding Human Rights
Above photo of two of our Dunkeld members (Sally Jackson left, and Judy Warne right), and action at Dan Tehan’s Warrnambool office, about to present our petition and freedom birds for Dan to take to parliament. July 2019
August 2018
Another wonderful community event in Dunkeld this weekend, the annual Peaks & Trails (ultra marathon, ‘normal’  marathon, 22 Km run, 10 Km run, more categories too including a 100 m dash). Thank you to the committee of this event for such a professional, enjoyable and fabulous time.
The DRASS group had a chance to sell soup – 12 different selections on offer and we sold out! Another $725 (approx.) will help out where it is needed. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who come together as always.

DRASS/RAR tells Minister for Social Services Dan Tehan that 61.2 % of voters in Dunkeld reject offshore detention
July 2018

Read the DRASS Media Release here

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