Gannawarra Refugee Support Group

The Gannawarra Refugee Support Group is based in the Kerang district of Victoria.

The Gannawarra Refugee Support Group is a group of concerned people interested in presenting facts about refugees and asylum seekers to a wider community.

Refugee Week 2017 – Lanterns of Hope, an activity for school children

Our main aim is to raise awareness of the plight of refugees world-wide and to present the facts rather than the myths associated with refugees.
In addition the group is working with The Swan Hill Uniting Church Community Issues Group to assist refugees and asylum seekers in Swan Hill by helping to provide essential goods (furniture, white goods etc.).  Donations have enabled us to provide food vouchers for needy refugee families and book vouchers for refugee students studying VCE at Swan Hill College.

Presenting our submission to Council to become a Refugee Welcome Zone – April 2017

We can be contacted via our Facebook page 

The group, begun in February 2014, is drawn from community members across the shire.

Currently we have about 100 people on our email list.




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