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I run a writers group for RAR in the Macedon Ranges.

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I have just made a suggestion to The Age newspaper (Melbourne) to start a campaign to Free the children from detention by Xmas.

Here is what I wrote to the editor…

Dear Sir,
Your paper has had numerous articles about the detention of children. May I suggest a campaign you could run that could be the good news story of the year within Australia. With 25 days to Xmas, do a count down each day for the children in detention to be released into Australia. Each day would have a count down number to Xmas with an appropriate story on the history, treatment, legal obligations of Australia, etc in each paper. Can you imagine the pressure on the government with the approach of the countdown with the continuing detention of the children? This is an opportunity to make a real life changing difference with a story that should spread around Australia! Take a chance and start the campaign. It is a project that will make everyone with compassion feel good.  Grasp the nettle, Gregory …

I am now following this suggestion up with a writing campaign for the month of December to the local and state papers and MPs to Free the Children by Xmas.  I will also be arranging a count down of days to Xmas with the heading Free the Children in the local notice board at our supermarket.

I free this could become a very emotive campaign that the government would find hard to ignore.  I hope that you can come on board with this campaign.
Kind regards,


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