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Even in these days of COVID-19 restrictions, South Gippsland Rural Australians for Refugees (SGRAR) hold actions to keep the community aware of how refugees in detention in hotels and detention centres are at risk because they cannot have the hygiene and social distance measures the Government requires.  Please join us.  Contact us on .  Like our Facebook page.
SGRAR were interviewed by the local newspaper about their support of the Canadian Community Sponsorship Program we support. As of March 2020, 60 people from PNG and Nauru have been accepted to be resettled in Canada. Now approval and funds for 60 more people are being sought.
South Gippsland RAR – 18 March

Film: Chasing Asylum

Speaker: Julian Burnside

Notes on screening ‘Chasing Asylum’ with Julian Burnside as speaker. We were able to raise $1,400 for asylum seekers and refugees with little or no income, through generous donations.

Some 140 people learned the effects of locking up people on tropical islands in prison-like conditions in hopelessness. The aim at Manus prison, said Julian and the film, is discouragement; to break the people so that they will return home.

Reza Barati was beaten to death by guards, Hamid Khazaei and Fayzal Ishak died of neglect when they were ill, the men on Manus are ridiculed, beaten and pushed around by the guards until they struggle to survive. The people on Nauru and assaulted, propositioned and beaten.

The fact that they do not return home speaks volumes about the places they had to flee. Some cannot stand it anymore and commit suicide, some cut themselves, sew their lips, or eyes together.

Julian Burnside emphasised that the people who come to us for help by boat, are not illegal as the NLP would have us believe.

Australia along with many nations signed refugee convention agreement to allow all to come and ask for protection. Julian despairs of politicians and told us that we can change the situation through our votes as well as to work on the Labor Party as some of its members feel bad about mistreating our fellow beings. If they were animals, he says, there would be a huge uproar.


South Gippsland RAR rallied in Wonthaggi on Saturday 25 March.
The Councilor, Goeff Ellis came and took some great photos.

People made meaningful banners and posters, many of us spoke and objected the treatment of people who come here for our help, people pointed out that many of us and our forebears are boat people.

Parents and a grandparent brought their children who helped to carry banners.

Wouldn’t you do the same if you were about to be bombed? one woman asked and Why are not more people here another asked? the whole of Wonthaggi should be here.

Polls show that there is a significant popular movement of sympathy for the innocent people the Government locks up on tropical islands.

After they close the detention camps, the meeting asked the Government to:-
– Reunite families as a priority.
– Bring all those who do not go to the USA to the Australian community.
– Reject any amendment to the Migration Act to ban those arriving by boat from entry to Australia.


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SGRAR at Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees in Melbourne 2016

SGRAR Rally in Wonthaggi to support the Grandmothers Rally in Canberra

16 March 2016

Sth Gippsland RAR 2a 

SGRAR say #LetThemStay



160208 Sth Gipps

Sth Gippsland RAR

SGRAR held its first meeting since 2007 on Wednesday 15 July 2015

Good News

Sth Gippsland RAR 2

Photo:  The unveiling of the Bass Coast Council affirmation that we are a refugee and asylum seeker welcome zone

The resolution below was unanimously carried at our September 2015 Bass Coast Council meeting

That Council

  1. In collaboration with relevant authorities and agencies, investigate opportunities to provide practical support to the additional Syrian and Iraqi Humanitarian refugees recently approved by the Commonwealth Government.
  1. In partnership with Rural Australians for Refugees and the Refugee Council of Australia,  display a Refugee and Asylum Seeker welcome banner on the external wall of both the Wonthaggi and Cowes Civic buildings for a minimum of one year.

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