Report: Nauru Family Health and Support Study

Nauru Family Health and Support Study Report:

An exploratory study on violence against women 

Published in October 2014 by  Nauru Ministry of Home Affairs

Message from Pamela Curr of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – 

There is very little written about the violence towards Nauruan women in spite of its prevalence.

This report is a recent exception.

It is worth reading in order to try to understand the extraordinary and brutal violence being perpetrated against non-Nauruan women who are asylum seekers and refugees both in the camp and in the community.

The whispers about brutal attacks are becoming a roar.

No one protects these women when even local women are not safe.

Even the most elementary safety measures are not implemented to protect women and children from the predations of male guards both Local Nauruans and the FIFO’s from Australia and New Zealand.

Questions arise as to –

  • Why male guards are allowed open access to the single women’s camp especially at night?
  • Why are drunk male guards allowed to congregate around the women’s toilets all night?
  • Why does the community agency place single women who are determined to be Refugees, into  the community in isolated areas where they have no protection. Women are put in huts in the bush without even a front door key. Local men get drunk on Friday nights and rampage through the houses where single women are living demanding sex. The women in the larger areas are safer because male refugees protect them but those in the small isolated areas have no one. Women are not reporting rapes and assaults to the police because they say “no one helps us”.
  • The AUSTRALIAN Government knows.
  • The Immigration department know.
  • The Nauru Government knows.
  • The Nauru Police know.
  • IHMS medical contractors know and some are perpetrators.
  • Transfield know and some are perpetrators.
  • Wilson Security Know and some are perpetrators.
  • Nauruan guards in the camp know and some are perpetrators.
  • Connect Community Agency with Australian government contract know 
  • Save the Children Know- their workers were vilified for speaking out