Resettled in Australia WITHOUT Reviving Boat Arrivals

History Suggests Refugees On Manus And Nauru Can Be Resettled In Australia Without Reviving Boat Arrivals

By Alex Reilly – 31 October 2017

Last month 54 refugees departed Manus Island for resettlement in the US under an agreement between the Turnbull and Obama administrations. Curiously, the government has not expressed concern that this will increase asylum seeker boat traffic from Indonesia to Australia. For most refugees, the US is as attractive a destination as Australia. So why is this refugee transfer not seen as a risk to the Coalition and Labor’s hard-line stance that no asylum seeker attempting to reach Australia by boat will ever be resettled here?

I suggest that the reason the government does not fear an influx of boats is because its hard-line stance is not, and has never been, necessary to deter asylum seekers from travelling to Australia by boat.


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